Centenary lyric for Rachmaninoff Vocalise

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Centenary lyric for Rachmaninoff Vocalise

Postby jamesriopelle » Mon May 16, 2016 10:34 pm

After quite a few years of studying the life, times, & music of Rachmaninoff I wrote an ode to his Vocalise with verse form designed to match his original melody.

After receiving quite a bit of favorble feedback (including from a past-president of the US chapter of the Rachmaninoff Society and and a Russian classical pianist), I sought out and eventually found a Russian soprano student interested in performing it. Her voice teacher in Russia found the lyric apropriate and encouraged her but it was not possible to arrange videorecording of a performance before she left for England for further studies.

Recently the soprano's English vocal adviser has told her that he does not approve of the lyric. Not wishing her to make a recording that would, in any, be unfavorable to her (very promising) career, I am seeking additional feedback from others who love Rachmaninoff's Vocalise so that the singer and I can decide whether of not she should perform it with the centenary lyric (music composed 1915; lyric composed 2014, revised 2016) .

If any member of the Rachmaninoff Network is willing to critique the lyric, I would be grateful to receive the feedbck (good or bad).

Best wishes from New Orleans

James Riopelle

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