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regards to everyone …

Posted: Sat Sep 16, 2017 7:51 pm
by rachy_balboa
self-proclaimed rach-nut here … always found his compositions somber and deep … eliciting myriad of emotions from within.

as for myself … raised with music background (mostly classical) … being the moron ebullient (archaic transitive), i just hung around the music-dept at school … rather than pursuing anything worth-while (occupation-wise). upon graduation … torturing those musical instruments seemed a distant memory. i dabbled in several different "careers" … wasn't until late 20's photo-offset-lithography sunk its fangs into me … been involved with variants from then on. now, turning age 60, rachmaninoff has foraged inside my soul. and, with a weary staff … i walk into the gathering dusk.

thank you.